The Rise

Brother Ben X is a 25-year-old entrepreneur, college drop-out and Nation of Islam member that has taken what he was given and worked to make it what he desired for himself. Seeing his biological father for the first time in his casket and his biological Mother once before seeing her in her casket, Brother Ben X is an inspiration and testament of your beginning not having to be your ending.

He’s a self-made social media influencer, manager, YouTuber, Author, and CEO. Not only is he creating the life he wants to live, but he’s doing it on his own terms and giving meaning to other people’s lives all at the same time.

With over 1.1 Million followers across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and a half a BILLION views on social media, Brother Ben X owns his creative essence, spreads truth, and shares messages designed to enlighten, guide, and bring awareness to issues that would other wise go overlooked. Brother Ben X is the example of by any righteous means necessary.

« Find your true purpose and the procrastination will go away. Find that purpose that wakes you up before your alarm clock.  »
– Brother Ben X